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Our Different Plans for Thunderbird on Android


Revealed: Our Different Plans for Thunderbird on Android

A little while ago, it was announced that Thunderbird was, sort of, coming to Android. When we saw that announcement, the UserLAnd Technologies team thought "Why don't we bring it to Android for real?".  So we have and it is now on the Play Store.

This is the first release of the actual desktop version of Thunderbird for Android. It has some bumps currently, for example there is a awkward pause before Thunderbird is displayed, but we will improve BirdBox over time and we don't see any issues that cannot be solved in future releases.

We are charging for this app to help fund our open source work, but you can run Thunderbird in our free app, UserLAnd, if desired. BirdBox will allow us to create a more convenient and tailored experience for Thunderbird users. Any improvements developed while working on BirdBox will find their way back into UserLAnd.

Lastly, I have some promo codes if desired.  Email us at to get one.

Check it out.  Tell us what you think. Enjoy!



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